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Stix and Tissue over Top Gun

Rubber Powered Scale Rules

Effective: 2020

Top Gun will hold a revitalized rubber powered scale event for the 2020 competitions and beyond. This is the same event that was started by Dave Platt years ago.

There has been a growing interest in this fun event but has been more of an impromptu thing in recent years.  We have decided to up the size of the airplanes to hopefully cope better with the wind that seems to give our peanut scale sized airplanes fits; and after all, this is Top Gun!

The Event


  • Any participant in Top Gun, in any capacity, is eligible, including pilots, crew, judges and other TG staff and vendors.

  • We will attempt to fly on Friday evening at 5:30 if weather permits and judge the Craftsmanship portion then. If weather conditions deem it necessary, an additional round will fly on Saturday morning at 8:00 AM for duration only at the discretion of the event CD.  Announcements will be made at the field. 

  • This is a simple up – down mass launch endurance event. The top 3 finishers will receive trophies for duration and craftsmanship.  Additionally, we will judge the models for craftsmanship right before the launch on Friday.  Pilots will line up for a quick look by the judges.  This will take 10 minutes tops.  Again, the top 3 in craftsmanship and duration will be recognized.



  • 2 judges will confer on the craftsmanship winners and then witness the flights. Times will be kept, for the last 3 down.

  • Craftsmanship judging will be a quick subjective opinion of the judges, along the lines of the other TG static judging; for example, no bonuses for difficulty, subject, multiple engines, etc.  The nicest jobs win.


The Simple “Rules”


  • Rubber powered scale models, with a minimum wingspan of 36” monoplane, 24” for biplanes, triplanes, etc.  No maximum.

  • Any Modern covering materials allowed.

  • Any scale model, any color scheme, no documentation needed.



Hopefully we will have some fun with this!!


Send any comments or questions to Frank Tiano

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