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October 25-27 2018

12 O’Clock High is a totally unique event.  This event features very large r/c scale models.  And, when we say large, we mean large.  It’s not uncommon to see r/c models weighing in the neighborhood of 100 lbs, with wingspans measuring over 15 feet. This is NOT a Competition, but rather a fun-filled “Fly-In”.

All of the model aircraft are scale aircraft with the possible exception of a special demonstration aircraft.  Each aircraft is often supported by a team including interested parties, friends and others who want to be, and are often needed to handle these large models.  Most of these scale model aircraft are not typical r/c models.  Many take several years to complete and are often one-off builds.  This means that all the parts and pieces were engineered, built and assembled from scratch.

Aircraft may be civilian or military, vintage to current day and often have some personal connection to the builder and pilot.   A substantial number of the aircraft are WWII era aircraft.  Numerous awards of excellence are presented at 12 O’Clock high each year.

FTE prides itself in providing a selection of interesting things to do while attending one of its events.  In addition to watching exciting flying all day, there is usually a “not to be missed” mid-day Air Show with some spectacular “acts” as well as a considerable number of model aviation related vendors, selling or demonstrating a wide variety of merchandise. There is a great food court featuring a covered dining area.

Bring your lawn chair, or take advantage of one of a thousand complimentary chairs, and make a day of it.  We don’t mind if you bring your own cooler! You won’t be disappointed!

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