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Please indicate Moki 180 or Moki 250 size.


SKU: 0023
  • This Baffle is custom fabricated from Fiberglass Sheet to direct air to the cylinders of 5 Cylinder, Moki radial engines.


    It mounts directly to the motor, so no need to attach and reinforce to a Cowl.


    We offer it for a Moki 180 or 250 but it can be easily modified with a Dremel tool to fit other engine sizes.


    Each Baffle comes with a set of “Self Stick” vinyl appliques to simulate
    more engine cylinders. Or, you may simply paint it the color of your choice.


    Others are wood and cost around $60 plus, require finishing and must be epoxied into the inside of the cowl.

    This Baffle remains attached to the motor so cowl removal is a breeze!