Demon Cortex Gyro

The bavarianDEMON CORTEX is a stabilization system for fix wing model aircraft. And hence an absolute world first in this form. The new brain and heart of your high-quality aircraft - immediately ready to run. The CORTEX does not require any PC or additional software settings - unless it is desired. The CORTEX comes with a sensor unit, connection cable harness, adhesive pads, USB connection cable and exclusive design and information material from your favorite demon. There are software and firmware updates conveniently on the web. But the most important thing is the demon inside. Since it means pure flight fun with the greatest possible carelessness. No or hardly any more additional spending due to crashes. You will train faster with the CORTEX whereby the adjustable stop level helps. However and primarily for experienced pilots or demons among you, the CORTEX is indispensable from now on.

Cortex is new 3-axis stabilization system for fix wing model aircraft. Extremely smooth flight characteristics - even at strong, gusty wind with adjustable gyro assistance.

- Easy to Run: simply read in your current control signals
- No computer necessary, Cortex is immediately ready to run
- Supports: 2 Ailerons, 2 Elevators, 1 Rudder Inputs
- Supports many receiver systems: S.Bus, Spektrum/JR, Jeti-/PWM-/PPM Signal, Conventional Input
- Software and firmware updates available on the BavarianDEMON web site

EXCERPT FROM FLYRC Article: Click Here

A few pictures from the FLY RC article:

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Cortex Pro

The CORTEXpro opens up the next generation gate with even more demonic features and fun factors. Based on the latest 32-bit CPU technology and in addition to all state-of-the-art features, the brand new CORTEXpro offers a bunch of great news for more comfort in flight, and setup. The combination of easy programming and basic setup without software, automatic signal type detection, compatibility with invariably all common analog and digital serial protocols, as well as the dual and redundant serial input and output option, is absolutely unique.


•Multi protocoll input and output
•Latest 32-bit technology
•Up to 24 channels, 16 stabilized
•Receiver redundancy for 2 inputs
•iOS & Android App for fine tuning
•Easy teach-in via Tx
•No software needed

Cortex Gyro $249.00
ESB Cord $40.00

Cortex Pro $299.00

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